89th WMYA Championship Regatta
Wed. Aug 1 - Sat. August 4, 2018
Muskegon Yacht Club
Josh Wallace - Commodore

The Western Michigan Yachting Association was formed in December 1929 as a result of an informal agreement between representatives of the three original member clubs; the Spring Lake Yacht Club, the Muskegon Yacht Club and the White Lake Yacht Club. The fledgling association held their first regatta at Muskegon Lake in 1930 as a two day event. The regatta included only three classes of boats: A Scows, C Scows and E Scows, and involved only a single race in each class. The Muskegon Lake Regatta was so successful that the three clubs decided to formalize their relationship and promote intense inter-club competition. Today the WMYA has twenty member clubs and a yearly four day regatta that offers competition in the E, C, MC, Butterfly, Laser, and Optimist classes.


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Regatta Results
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